Scott "Sasha" Todd

A quick biography:

My childhood was spent in the bucolic college town of Middlebury, Vermont. My father was a professor of music, my mother a homemaker who later worked in the college development office. They were and are great parents. I have an older brother, who is my best friend, and a younger sister, who is one of the best-humored people I know. Both of them are amazingly generous in spirit.

Most of my time during adolescence was spent in the theatre, which switched to music (a cappella singing) in college. I went to Williams, majoring in English and Russian. That education included a stint at the Middlebury Russian School and junior year abroad in Moscow. I played on the JV squash team ladder and was music director of the Williams Octet.

After college:

I now work for a company called "Alpha Flying," as a captain on a PC-12. For the last three years I've also been writing and illustrating a book of flight procedures which I hope will be finished very soon.

For the last dozen years or so, my primary avocation has been ultimate frisbee. In 2003 I played in 23 tournaments, which, while it has been pretty rough on my hamstrings, has kept me in good shape. Running with a purpose is wonderful.

There are some pictures of me here.



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