East Coast Aero Club
Hanscom Field,
Bedford, MA


FROM Route 95 North (coming up from the south), also known as I-128 North:

1. Take Exit 30B. Note that Exit 30A and Exit 30B are actually one and the same exit ramp off the highway, less than a mile from Exit 29. Take this access road past 30A, to 30B, by going past the McDonald’s and the Sunoco station, and going right on the exit ramp immediately after passing under the bridge.

2. Curve around to the right on the exit ramp and pass back over the highway on the aforementioned bridge. Thence...

FROM Route 95 South (coming down from the north), also known as I-128 South:

1. Take Exit 30B.

2. It curves right to merge on to another road just before a traffic light. Thence...



3. Go about a mile and a half, to the flashing yellow light. Turn right.

4. This becomes an odd, 50-mile-per-hour two-lane road. Get in the left lane and take the first left you can, less than a mile down it.

5. Go straight through the stop sign and straight through the next intersection, less than half a mile. As you go over that hill, you’ll see the big brown Civil Terminal building.

6. Park in the lots to the left. The parking lot area/rows nearest the terminal are reserved for staff and FAA and rental cars, so park in the half of the parking lot that's farther away, behind the barricades.

7. Enter at the front door of the terminal building. Walk past the rental car counters and take a right, going past the glassed-in departure lounge on your left, past the snack bar on the right. The East Coast Aero Club office is the glass door on the left.