Scott "Sasha" Todd

A quick biography:

My childhood was spent in the bucolic college town of Middlebury, Vermont. My father was a professor of music, my mother a homemaker who later worked in the college development office. They were and are great parents. I have an older brother, who is my best friend, and a younger sister, who is one of the best-humored people I know. Both of them are amazingly generous in spirit.

Most of my time during adolescence was spent in the theatre, which switched to music (a cappella singing) in college. I went to Williams, majoring in English and Russian. That education included a stint at the Middlebury Russian School and junior year abroad in Moscow. I played on the JV squash team ladder and was music director of the Williams Octet.

After college:

I currently work for a company called PlaneSense, as a captain and instructor pilot on a PC-12. In 2009 I published a book of flight procedures called The Pilot's Handbook. It is 320 pages long a fully illustrated, and its print run of 3,000 quickly sold out. (It will soon be available on iPads and Kindles.)

For the last two dozen years or so, my primary avocation has been ultimate frisbee. In 2003 I played in 23 tournaments, which, while it has been pretty rough on my hamstrings, has kept me in good shape. Running with a purpose is wonderful.

I am married to Caroline, and we have a son, Jeremy, who was born in 2009. He is a very good musician.

There are some pictures of me here.

I haven't kept up with the personal side of this site very much, because since I started it, some other things have started as well: such as Facebook, and LinkedIn.



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