13 = 1 of a suit

16-18 balanced = 1NT

22-24 balanced = 2NT

25-27 balanced = 3NT

25+ = 2 of a suit


0-5 without trump support = pass

3-9 with trump support = raise by one in the suit

11-13 with trump support = raise by two in the suit

6-10 balanced = 1NT

14-15 balanced = 2NT

16-17 balanced = 3NT

6-9 and wide range = new suit at level 1

10-17 and wide range = new suit at level 2


0-6 without a long suit = pass

0-6 with a long suit = 2 of a suit

7-9 with a long suit = 3 of a suit

7-8 balanced = 2NT

9-14 balanced = 3NT

15+ = 4NT


After opening of 1NT or 2NT, bid clubs if you have 8 or more high card points.

Then the opener (who originally bid NT) bids for a major four-card suit: If opener has at least four hearts, he/she bids four hearts. If opener has four spades but NOT four hearts, bid spades. If opener does not have four of either, he/she bids diamonds. Opener and partner are trying to match with eight majors.

HEARTS: hearts and perhaps spades

SPADES: only spades

DIAMONDS: no major suit

partner response:

2NT: unbid four-card major

3 Diamonds or clubs: at least 10 points and a five-card suit. Forces and may lead to a slam opportunity.

3 Hearts or Spades: Four-card support for opener

3NT: sign off to preclude higher bidding

4 Hearts or Spades: sign off and play suit called.

4NT: 14 or more honors points and invitation to pursue a slam.