Pictures of people who are not me

You know, there are actually a lot of people who are not me, so this page could get mighty long. However, these are people for whom I could be easily mistaken…were it not for the fact that they've both been dead for a long time.


This is Lord Alfred Douglas. He was a minor poet and relatively famous member of the early-20th-century British literati. He edited journals and wrote articles. However, the thing that has made him most famous was his being the homosexual lover of Oscar Wilde. Wilde did prison time for that. Lord Alfred later did some time in jail, too, but for libel. When I first saw this picture it was when I was a freshman in college, and at that age the resemblance was truly weird. A friend of mine said, "Yeah, he kind of looks like you. (beat) He looks a lot like you. (beat) Hey, Scott, there's a picture of you in this book, here."


This is my great-grandfather, all the way up through the paternal line. People who know me ask, "Where did you have this done?" They think it's one of those carnival fake pictures. Nope. This photograph was taken approximately a hundred years ago.