Workers' Paradise, Hawaii 1999: Spring champs!


Too Bad, Ultimate World Championships, Scotland 1999


Sugar Smacks, Hopu Ka Lewa 2002

New York Masters, Ultimate World Championships, Hawaii 2002

Run Pablo Run, Regionals 2002. A very, very fun and spirited team, and we did well, too, going to the semis.

Short Fat Guys, Fools' Fest 2003. Great guys (and one woman), all of them. Player for player probably the best team I've ever been on. Went 5-0 in pool play and then didn't quite take the quarter-finals of the top bracket.


Spirit of the Gamehens, Poultry Days 2003. Boy, did we ever surprise them, and ourselves, by knocking out the #1 seed (previous year's champions) and then knocking off the #9 seed on our way to the second bracket semis.


Merely Players, As You Like It 2003


Lani Loa Lovers, Potlatch 2003: I would follow John and Dayna anywhere.


DeadSpin, BUDA Div I Club Championships 2003. We're number 3!

We were tired after the semis...



Merely Players, Montreal Comedy of Errors Tournament 2007: after the FINALS